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Are you staying on top of your centrifuge maintenance?

When sending your rotating equipment for servicing and rebuild your expectations may be pretty simple. Like taking your car in for service, majority of the time you get briefly told what needs to get replaced or repaired, but at the end of it you’re basically going by the word of the people servicing your vehicle. There is not a lot different when it comes to the servicing and rebuilding of separation equipment. Mentality usually stays the same, send it in, and hope that you get it back as soon as possible at the lowest cost, right? Its only when issues start recurring that we start to pay more attention into the issue.

Like vehicles, regularly scheduling centrifuge maintenance is key in lowering the likely hood of operational failure which can in turn create bigger rebuild costs in the future, as well as risk the safety of nearby operators or workers.

Our goal at Allied when rebuilding and repairing separation equipment is not just to get that piece of equipment operational as quickly and efficiently as possible, but to also rectify any potential issues in the future, while also maximizing the capabilities of the current equipment. This all starts and relies on the importance of the inspection process.

At Allied we take pride in our inspection process. By documenting our inspections thoroughly, and aiding them with photos, we are able to communicate with our clients the severity of the wear of their equipment. This in turn helps give insight into better solutions in either process of repair or operating procedures for that specific applications.

With all repairs completed to OEM specifications or better, we can guarantee the success of replacement components and with the implementation of better technology we can increase the longevity of operational time between repairs. With access to a variety of in stock parts we are able to match the highest quality parts and components to your specific piece of separation equipment.

At Allied Centrifuge Technologies we strive to give our clients an open door into what goes into the servicing of their equipment, keeping them involved in the process can help them be assured that their equipment will meet their performance standards. Get your separation equipment up to your performance standards with an Allied Centrifuge Technologies Rebuild.

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