Conveyor Specs.

Material- flights:   316L

Material- hub:       316L

Bowl solids discharge: Removable stellite liner   

Conveyor flights: Weld on tungsten tiles            

Conveyor feed zone: Removable wear liners

Frame/Casing: Removable semi-circle wear liner


Power supply: 3 x 460 V/ 60 Hz or 3x 600V/60Hz

Gearbox type: 10knm (98,000 inch/lbs) 2 stage planetary

Gearbox, max. Torque at pinion: 108 Nm (80ft/lbs)

Back drive: Variable Frequency Drive                                         

Operating main speed: 2500 rpm

Typical Differential Range: 12-50 Rpm

G-force at operating speed: 1775 G

Main motor: 112Kw (150hp) WEG Foot mount TEXP (SF1.15)

Back Drive motor: 22Kw (30hp) WEG Foot mount TEXP (SF1.15)

Frame/Case Specs.

Material-Frame/base: Mild steel epoxy painted

Material- casing/cover: 316

Inside surface of casing: Stainless steel

Gaskets/ seals-casing: Buna-N on case

Design type: Atmospheric seals

Feed Tube: 316L 70mm Id(2.75"id) 3’’ NPT connection

Specification: VFD, Solids control, 2-phase

Max. density of compact

wet cake at max bowl speed: 2.5kg/dm3 (20lbs/g)

Feed Capacity: 2600 L/min (686gpm) of 1.0 SG liquid

Process liquid: Min. 0ºC (32ºF)- max 100ºC (212ºF)

Empty Decanter weight: 7552 Kg (16650lbs)

Sound Level: 90 dBA at 1m

Maximum main speed: 3000 rpm

Maximum G-force: 2817G

Bowl length: 1982mm (78")

Bowl diameter: 559mm (22")

Beach angle: 

Solids discharge type: 12 replaceable wear inserts

Solids discharge radius: 190.5 mm (7.5")

Solids transportation aids, cylindrical section: 12 Ribs

Solids transportation aids, taper section: 16 Ribs

Material- hubs: 316 Stainless

Material- bowl shell: 316 Stainless 

Material- bolts: AISI 316

Material- seals: Viton/Buna-N

Liquid outlet, type: (6) Ratchet plate dams

Liquid outlet, radius: (adjustable) set to 5 from factory

High capacity with compact size! The G7 is our most versatile oilfield decanter centrifuge. With 20% more flow rate and cut than comparable models on the market. Designed to have the same mounting compatibility as other common machines such as the Lynx-40.

 G7 Oilfield Decanter

General Specs.


•Drilling fluid management 

•high capacity solids removal

•Ultra-fine particle separation


•Barite recovery

Bowl Specs. 

Drive Specs.

Wear Protection Specs.

Download G7 Specs.

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