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G Series

Environmental Decanter Centrifuges

Get dryer solids and clearer fluids with Allied's advanced bowl and scroll designs

  • Optimal length to diameter ratio for oilfield applications; this allows a longer beach section that removes and dries heavy solids with a reduced chance of plugging. The cylindrical section length has been specially designed to optimize clarification of the fluid. 

  • The solids discharge radius allows for a dryer cake while operating with a deep pond to remove low gravity and ultra-fine solids

Gseries bowl design website.jpg

Run your operations more efficiently

  • Enerports capture wasted energy from liquid exiting the bowl to aid in reducing the rotational energy required by up to 30%

  • Regenerative technology uses power from the back drive while operating in the same direction as the bowl to reduce the main drive power requirements. This results in a reduced load on the generator and increased machine processing capability

  • High efficiency, quality brand inverter duty motors

  • Revolutionary robust panel design with intuitive control interface

G7 Assembly website.jpg

Allied seal technology

  • Pillow block seals only found on Allied decanters, is a proprietary seal design which uses centrifugal force on an intermediate ring to produce an ultra-close running, non-contact seal. This eliminates the concern of any contamination entering the bearing cavity, or loss of lubricant when loading on trucks, or operating on uneven surfaces.

  • The Allied G-force seals on the scroll, counteracts the expansion of the sealing shaft while being subject to G-force. This results in no contamination of the internal scroll bearings which in turn, extends the operating interval life of the decanter.

Gseries gearbox website.jpg

Planetary Gear Boxes

  • Allied’s specially engineered two-stage planetary gear units result in high torque carrying capacity, quiet operation and long-term reliability in severe weather environments.


Backed by the highest quality materials and parts

  • Bowl Sections: produced from solution annealed, stress relieved centrifugal castings

  • Bowl Heads: manufactured from solution annealed, stress relieved forgings

  • Scroll: manufactured from fully welded, centrifugally cast sections and stress relieved for reliability in service

  • Containment Case: manufactured from 1.4306 stainless steel and protected by removable wear liners in critical areas

  • All components quality checked to Allied ISO :9001quality conformance before service

Gseries stand website.jpg

Customize & accessorize your G Series Decanter Centrifuge

Allied Centrifuge Technologies G Series decanters can be customized to any customer requirements. Some of these options include:

  • Alex certified

  • Class 1 div1 certification and verification

  • Modular skid packages

  • Fixed speed configurations

  • Fully and partial hydraulic configuration

Gseries scroll design website.jpg
  • Our specially designed scroll features a variable pitch, double lead conveyor to optimize solids removal, capacity and efficiency. Customers have a choice between a full radial flow design or a higher capacity half axial flow design. The half axial flow design is better suited for water based drilling applications, while full radial flow design has a reduced capacity, which is better suited for oil-based drilling solids

• Waste Fluid Treatment

• Vegetable Oil

• Bio Fuel

• Sump & Tank Cleaning

• Hydrovac Waste Facilities

• Fine Tailings Treatment

• Environmental Services

• Lagoon De-sludging

• Industrial and Chemical Manufacturing

• Rendering of Animal By-products

• Drilling Fluids Management

• Bitumen Processing

• De-watering

• Ultra-Fine Particle Separation

• High Capacity Solids Removal

• Waste Stream Recycling


Stay in the field longer and keep rebuild cost low with Allied's low wear Designs

Allied Centrifuge Technologies has developed and tested materials to overcome the most challenging separation environments, resulting in lower rebuild costs and extended field operations. These include:

  • Replaceable feed zone ports and sectional accelerator

  • Field replaceable solids discharge liners

  • Fully tungsten tiled scroll

  • Hardened cake strips in the feed section of the bowl

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