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Variety of Separation Processes

The FX Series decanter centrifuges supports any food safe or sanitary industry looking for separation of solids, liquids and oils (3-phase) from slurries. FX decanters have the ability to separate ultra-fine low gravity solids quickly and efficiently producing a higher clarity liquid stream and a dryer solids.

• Dairy

• Beverage

• Edible oils

• Pharmaceuticals

• Protein extraction

• Starches

...and many more. 

Sanitary and Food Safe

All FX series decanters are manufactured to meet the highest surface finish and design standards to ensure the crucial cleaning of the decanter is efficient and effective to reduce the growth of bacteria which is harmful to almost all commercial food processes. This decanter line comes standard with the following features:

• CIP wash bars within the case

• Automated CIP wash cycle with adjustable intervals included in control software

• Specially designed scroll and feed zone for gentle product handling and easy in place


• Surface finish up to 3A (depending on customer requirements)

• Available in 2 and 3 phase configurations

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High Quality Manufacturing

FX Series decanters are manufactured in house at the Allied Centrifuge Technologies facility located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with high grade materials audited and sourced from North American manufacturers and suppliers. Allied’s ISO 9001:2015 quality management ensures all parts and components are produced with consistency at the highest quality standards.

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Allied can design and manufacture complete plug and play modular packages for easy installation into your operation or you can take advantage of Allied’s engineering and design team to configure and manufacture any ancillary piece of equipment to accompany your FX Decanter and reduce commission setup.



All FX Series decanters come with Allied’s intuitive VFD control system which monitors all aspects of the centrifuge operation and maintenance. With reliable industry proven drives and automation, Allied’s control panel is a perfect fit for reliable operation of your process.


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Lab and On-Site Testing

Allied Centrifuge Technologies can perform bench testing, lab testing or on-site trials to confirm and prove process concept and efficiency. Contact a representative to learn more.


Safe Operations

Decanter centrifuges prove time and time again to be the most efficient piece of equipment for achieving high clarity separation of solids and liquid streams at high capacities, safely and efficiently. Decanters offer contained processing that distant workers and operators away from mechanical and moving parts. All Allied decanters are design for ease of use and maintenance removing stress and danger from the operations and maintenance teams.


FX Series Decanter Centrifuges

With a wide range of different applications within the food industry and large scale pharmaceutical industries, Allied Centrifuge Technologies FX Series line of hygienic

decanter centrifuges provides clean, food safe solutions for separation within a wide range of scale and processing capacities. The FX line of decanters are an affordable and sustainable solution that produce consistent results maximizing the yield and quality of the final product.

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• Achieve better clarity of liquid stream

• Dryer solids cake

• Efficient Ultra-fine removal

• Compact design

• High performance/price ratio

• Dual drive

• Bowl diameters from 152mm-762mm

• Modular options for easy transport

• Low energy consumption

• High product yield

• High G Force

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