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Food Grade - Sanitary Decanter Centrifuge

With a wide range of different applications within the food processing and large scale pharmaceutical industries, Allied Centrifuge Technologies FX Series line of sanitary decanter centrifuges provides clean, food safe solutions for separation within a wide range of scale and processing capacities. This easily cleaned and sanitized decanters are an affordable and sustainable solution that produce consistent results maximizing the yield and quality of end products.

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Variety of Separation Processes

The FX Series decanter centrifuges supports any industry looking for separation of solids and liquids from slurries that require food safe sanitary requirements. FX decanters have the ability to separate ultra-fine low gravity solids quickly and efficiently producing higher clarity liquid stream and a dryer solid.

• Dairy

• Beverage

• Cooking oils

• Pharmaceuticals

• Condiments

• More

Continuous and Sustainable Separation

FX Series decanter centrifuges offer a continuous stream of separation that require less laborious supervision. Most commonly used batch centrifuges, screw presses and filter systems can require manually fed input or removal of slurries or constant replacement of screens and filters. Decanter centrifuges are continuously fed with slurry straight from a mixing tank, significantly reducing start and stops in processing. This increases the volume of product that can be processed in less time while achieving better results in clarity of the liquid stream. This in turn creates a dryer solids cake than conventional batch centrifuges, screw presses and filters. Offering multiple sizes, the FX decanter series has a model that can fit your specific processing requirements, with feed capacities ranging from 91 dry kg/hr (200 dry lbs/hr) to 1519 dry kg/hr (3350 dry lbs/hr).


• Achieve better clarity of liquid stream

• Maximum Separation of Fine Solids

• Compact Design

• High Performance/Price Ratio

• Dual Drive

• Mobile Options and Accessories

• Up to 3300 dry lbs/hr Capacity

• Low Energy Consumption

• Maximum Yield of End Product

• Dryer solid stream

High Quality Manufacturing

FX Series decanters are manufactured in house at the Allied Centrifuge Technologies facility located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with high grade materials audited and sourced from North American manufacturers and suppliers. Allied’s ISO 9001:2015 quality standards ensure all parts and components are produced with consistency at the highest quality standards.

How It Works

Separation takes place in the horizontal cylindrical bowl that is equipped with a screw conveyor inside. The feed enters inside the bowl through a feed pipe. Centrifugal force that results from the rotation of the bowl then forces the solids to the outside of the internal bowl surface. The conveyor rotating in the same direction as the bowl, but at a slower speed, moves the solids through the conical section of the bowl. The solids leave the bowl through the solids discharge ports. Separation takes place throughout the entire section of the bowl. Liquids are discharged by flowing over adjustable ports on the opposite side of the bowl from the solids discharge ports.

User Friendly, Reliable Operations

All Dx Series models are designed with the user in mind. Accompanying machines with VFD controls and equipped with sensors for vibration, temperature and operation speeds give the user ultimate real time observation and control while processing. This provides safe, efficient and cost effective operations.


Replaceable wear liners in critical areas with high abrasion, along with accessible grease fittings and servicing components allows for easy and efficient maintenance on site with lower cost rebuilds with quick turn around times.


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