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Fabrication & Engineering Services

Separation processing involves more than just a centrifuge or separator. Customize your equipment to fit your specific operations or facility

Allied Centrifuge Technologies is here to support its clients with more than just providing Centrifuges and Separators but also any of the equipment that is necessary in running an efficient and high performance separation operation. Whether you need modifications to existing equipment, or you need something completely custom fabricated to meet your specific application or operational needs, our engineering team can assist in designing solutions to meet those needs.


Transportation can be crucial when processing on multiple sites and locations. Skid modifications to stands can get your operations mobile and efficient.


Upgrading panels, touch screens, explosion proof and more. Fit a panel or modify and upgrade your existing panel.

Hydraulic Stands

Reduce your setup and take down times and make transportation of your solids control unit efficient and safe by modifying your stands with hydraulic lifts. 

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Modify frames to any stand or facility requirements. Repairs and rebuilds to critical wear areas.

Screw Conveyors & Discharge Augers

Move material easily and efficiently with custom feed conveyors.

Safety Guards & Lids

Custom fabrication of safety guards and lids. Keep hands and personnel away from dangers, moving parts and rotating equipment.

Centrifuge Modifications

Upgrade bearing housings, augers, seals, wear components and more.

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Have an issue with your equipment? We can help you find a solution. Contact Allied Centrifuge Technologies and get your processing running smoothly and efficiently.