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Municipal & Industrial WasteWater Treatment • DAF Treatment • Potable Water Treatment

Municipal & Industrial Waste Water Decanters

DX decanter centrifuges are a new generation of equipment designed to set a significantly improved standard for both process performance and environmental impact, compared with previous generations of decanters. DX centrifuges are the superior choice for use in dewatering operations intended to make a significant contribution to a sustainable environment. Power consumption becomes power reduction. Its innovative design delivers peak performance at all times while reducing total power consumption by as much as 40%, depending on the actual flow rate. This significant improvement in power consumption results in a large reduction of CO2 emissions. The cutting-edge technology built into the DX series result in reliable operation, as well as energy saving, improved performance and greater efficiency. The DX Series is the result of intense focus on performance, reliability and sustainability - all at the same time. The design significantly improves solids handling and helps to maximize performance, as well as reducing the power consumption involved in achieving the required processing results. The bowl has the option of being equipped with specially developed Allied Centrifuge Technolgies enerports that harness and exploit hydraulic energy to reduce power consumption further, while the VFD control system ensures easy, user friendly reliable processing optimization.

Scalable To Your Processing Requirements

Ranging in size from 762mm (30”) to a 254mm (10”) diameter bowl. The various sizes of the DX Series decanter centrifuges have the ability to fit a wide range of capacities and flow rates, achieving efficient separation requirements for numerous scales of operations.

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• Efficient Separation

• Maximum Dewatering

• Compact Design

• High Performance/Price Ratio

• Dual Drive

• Mobile Options and Accessories

• Up to 159 m3/h Capacity

• Low Energy Consumption

• Reduce transportion and disposal


High Quality Manufacturing

DX Series decanter centrifuges offers user friendly, compact design built with robust materials and high abrasive wear resistant components. Achieving continuous and trouble-free operation and flexible process control.

• Bowl Sections produced from solution annealed, stress

relieved centrifugal castings

• Bowl heads manufactured from solution annealed,

stress relieved forgings

• Scroll manufactured from fully welded, centrifugally

cast sections and stress relieved for reliability in service

• All components quality checked to Allied ISO 9001

quality conformance before service

• All materials and parts sourced from North American

suppliers and manufacturers

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How It Works

Separation takes place in the horizontal cylindrical bowl that is equipped with a screw conveyor inside. The feed enters inside the bowl through a feed pipe. Centrifugal force that results from the rotation of the bowl then forces the solids to the outside of the internal bowl surface. The conveyor rotating in the same direction as the bowl, but at a slower speed, moves the solids through the conical section of the bowl. The solids leave the bowl through the solids discharge ports. Separation takes place throughout the entire section of the bowl. Liquids are discharged by flowing over adjustable ports on the opposite side of the bowl from the solids discharge ports.

User Friendly, Reliable Operations

All Dx Series models are designed with the user in mind. Accompanying machines with VFD controls and equipped with sensors for vibration, temperature and operation speeds give the user ultimate real time observation and control while processing. This provides safe, efficient and cost effective operations.


Replaceable wear liners in critical areas with high abrasion, along with accessible grease fittings and servicing components allows for easy and efficient maintenance on site with lower cost rebuilds with quick turn around times.


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