Achieve a higher level of clarification with an Allied Centrifuge Technologies disc stack centrifuge

How it works

The slurry requiring separation enters the rotating bowl through a centrally positioned inlet pipe. A distributer guides the mixture into the separation area made up of stack of conically arranged disks. Once the G-force is applied to the mixture, the solids separate out of the liquid and press against the bowl where they are discharged. The remaining liquid in the disk stack is pressurized and accelerated by a centripetal pump and ejected out out the outlet pipe at the top end of the centrifuge. 

Clarification of wart

Achieve separation of the true and hops solids with maximum efficiency and yield to get bright and clear wort prior to the cooling process, even with high hop concentrations.

Residual Beer Recovery from Tanks

Tank bottoms can contain up to 80 percent of sellable beer which can be recovered with Allied's Brewfuge system. the recovered beer from surplus yeast can be fed into storage tanks or sent to further processing tanks with easy adjustments of the system

Beer Clarification

In the final stages, beer can be clarified purely by the centrifuge or supporting the filters. This increases the life of the filter elements and makes the process efficient and flexible.

Green Beer Clarification

The Brewfuge system removes yeast and coarse solids after fermentation to reduce losses in tank bottoms and increase the quality of the beer.

Flavoured & Stabilized Beer Clarification

Allied's Brewfuge system precisely delivers the specialty ingredients your brew requires in the exact amounts required. Your creativity is limitless. You can trust Allied's Brewfuge to handle the rest of the process.


  • Ready to process design with mobile frame

  • Highly engineered seals with little to no oxygen pick up

  • Smooth flow design for gentle product handling

  • Automated clean in place (CIP) operations

  • Precision balanced rotating components with smooth ejections

  • High-quality materials for long-lasting performance

Allieds disc stack centrifuge for craft brewing


  • More sellable beer from every batch

  • Faster brewing

  • Easy to set up modular system

  • Low power consumption

  • Ready to run

  • User-friendly control interface

  • Fast 24/365 service

  • 2-year warranty from date of installation

  • Completely monitored processing (flowmeter, vibration, turbidity, temperature).

  • Onsite commissioning and training.


Hydraulic Capacity: 50 Hl/hr

Working Capacity: 30Hl/hr

Oxygen Pickup: 0 Hermetic

Installed Power: 15 Kw

Operating Power: 9 Kw

General Specs.

Module weight: 1000kg

Width: 1150mm

Length: 1650mm

Height: 1500mm

Module Accessories

Feed pump: Optional

Solids discharge pump: Optional

Turbidity sensor: Standard

Flow meter: Standard

Touch Screen Interface: Standard

Required Utilities

Pressurized air: 6Bar