No matter what brand or type of centrifuge that you use, if it is not operated in a way that is suitable for the application then the results of your separation efforts cannot be maximized.

There is a lot to think about when it comes to integrating a centrifuge into your operations or optimizing your existing separations technology to handle your specific solids control needs. 

Talk to our Optimization Specialist today and let us help you on your journey to an efficient and reliable solids control operation.

Trouble Shooting

•Identify root causes for reoccurring issues.

•mechanical, process or operating errors. 

•In-field or in your facility. 

Process Analysis

•Analysis of your specific product that needs separation. 

•Tune operations to fit your existing equipment for best performance. 

•Fit separation equipment for optimal efficiency and performance. 

Start-up &


•Custom fit a solids control system to your new operations. 

•Integrate panels, stands and pumps to maximize efficiency. 




•Find the optimal running process of your existing separation equipment.

•Identify key performance levels of polymers, flow rates, pond depths densities and much more. 

•Maximize the potential out of your existing equipment and separation process. 

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