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CBDecanter 200

General Specs.

Specification: VFD, 2-phase

Process liquid: Min. 0°C (32°F) - Max. 100°C (212°F)

Feed Capacity*: 453 dry kg/hr (1000 dry lbs/hr)

Empty decanter weight: 900kg (1984lbs)

Sound level: 80 dBA at 1m

Cake Dryness: 20-40% (depending on application)

Conveyor Specs.

Material-flights: 1.4401

Material-hub: 1.4401

Bearing Lubrication: Manually applied grease

Bowl Specs.

Maximum main speed: 5000 rpm

Maximum G-force: 3556 G

L/D ratio: 4.25:1

Bowl diameter: 254 mm (10”)

Solids discharge type: 6 replaceable wear inserts

Material-bowl/hubs: 1.4470

Liquid outlet, type: (4) plate dams

Liquid outlet, radius: (adjustable)

Bearing Lubrication: Manual Grease (optional automatic system available)

Drive Specs.

Gearbox type: .75 knm (6638 inch/lbs) Cyclo

Gearbox Lubrication: Manually applied grease

Typical differential range: 2-50 rpm

Main motor: 7.5Kw (10hp) WEG foot mount TEXP HE (SF1.15) 

Back drive motor: 4Kw (5hp) WEG foot mount TEXP HE (SF1.15) 

Wear Specs.

Bowl solids discharge: Removable tungsten liner

Conveyor flights: flame applied tungsten carbide (weld on tiles optional) or polished

Conveyor feed zone: Removable wear liners or polished

Frame/Case: Removable semi-circle wear liner

Control Specs.

Power supply: 208V/60Hz, 460V/60, 600V/60Hz or 400V/50Hz

VFD type: ABB or VACON

Enclosure: Painted carbon or stainless steel and ratings for indoor and outdoor applications.

HMI: Omron 6’’ or 12’’ (depending on requirements)

Bearing Temperature Sensor: Pt100 bayonet, 1 on each main bearing.

Vibration monitoring: 4-20ma Wilcoxon sensor, 1 on main bearing pad

Safety Controls: (1) speed sensor on back drive coupling.

  1. Speed sensor on bowl.

  1. Lid/cover open sensor.

Frame/Case Specs.

Material-frame/base: Mild steel epoxy painted

Materials-casing/cover: 1.4401

Inside surface of casing: Stainless steel

Design type: Vapour seals

Feed tube: 316L sms

Dimensions (mm)


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