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Allied Centrifuge Technologies, CBDecanter Centrifuges, are the next generation of efficient and sustainable separation equipment for solvent-based processing during the extraction of cannabinoids from cannabis and hemp. Gone are the days of slow inefficient screw presses and basket centrifuges. CBDecanters offer continuous high capacity separation of solvent from cannabis and hemp biomass. Achieving a higher level of clarity in solvents and producing a dryer biomass, yielding more usable cannabinoid-rich solvent and limiting wasted end product. Allied’s CBDecanter series operational capacities are designed to cover the entire industry from small to large scale operations.

Solvent Extraction & Scalability

Solvent extraction is becoming the best choice for businesses looking to increase their scale and volume in processing hemp and cannabis biomass. Solvents do not have to be processed under high pressure, as used in as CO2 extraction, which requires expensive pressure-rated equipment. Solvents are also not as flammable as other hydrocarbon processing methods and are more suitable for room temperature processing. This is resulting in solvents becoming the desired choice for large scale production. CBDecanters are a premiere choice when it comes to separating your biomass from your cannabinoid-rich solvent (micelle stream). Decanter centrifuges also have the ability to remove low gravity solids that screw presses might miss resulting in a cleaner and clearer solvent micelle stream. This generates a greater yield of solvent from your biomass.

CBDecanter Design Features

The CBDecanter is a combination of modern decanter engineering paired with years of separation experience across all industries utilizing separation technologies. The specially designed internal characteristics of the rotating element aid in the clarification and dewatering process taking place simultaneously within the decanter bowl. The smooth acceleration to over 3000G of mixed product entering the machine allows for optimal separation without excessive agitation. The sleek and compact design of the unit permits easy integration into any facility, but the small footprint does not hinder the ability to service the machine easily at required intervals. The choice of premium materials sourced from top North American and European vendors enhances the reliability and longevity of the CBDecanter line, improving the ROI of the equipment. All components are manufactured at Allied’s production facility head quartered in Calgary Alberta Canada, utilizing the highest quality standards and testing techniques in the industry to ensure our clients receive the highest quality equipment on the market. All product contact areas of the machine are built from stainless steel and can be finished to sanitary conditions if required. The CBDecanter can also be outfitted with clean-in-place connections to maintain sanitary conditions of the machine and provide easy cleaning. The units come standard with a vapour tight design and explosion proof motors.

Eliminate the slow, tedious processes of running small batches of product through basket centrifuges and screw presses. CBDecanter centrifuges offer a continuous stream of separation that require less laborious supervision. With most commonly used batch centrifuges and screw presses that require manually fed input or removal of biomass and solvent slurries. Decanter centrifuges are continuously fed with slurry straight from a mixing tank, significantly reducing start and stops in processing. Increasing the volume of biomass solvent slurry that can be processed in less time while achieving better results in clarity of micelle solvent stream. This in turn creates a dryer biomass cake than conventional batch centrifuge and screw presses. Offering multiple sizes, the CBDecanter series has a model that can fit your specific processing requirements, with feed capacities ranging from 91 dry kg/hr (200 dry lbs/hr) to 1519 dry kg/hr (3350 dry lbs/hr).

Continuous Separation

How It Works

Separation takes place in the horizontal cylindrical bowl that is equipped with a screw conveyor inside. Your Hemp and solvent mixture is pumped inside of the bowl through a feed pipe. Centrifugal force that results from the rotation of the bowl then forces the solids to the outside internal surface of the bowl. The conveyor rotating in the same direction as the bowl, but at a slower speed, moves the solids through the conical section of the bowl. The dry solids leave the bowl through the solids discharge ports. Separation of your solid hemp material and solvent takes place throughout the entire section of the bowl. Liquids are then discharged by flowing over adjustable ports on the opposite side of the solids discharge ports.


Allied can design and manufacture complete plug and play modular packages for easy installation into your operation or you can take advantage of Allied’s engineering and design team to configure and manufacture any ancillary piece of equipment to accompany your CBDecanter and reduce commission



All CBDecanters come with Allied’s intuitive VFD control system which monitors all aspects of the centrifuge operation and maintenance. With reliable industry proven drives and automation, Allied’s control panel is a perfect fit for reliable operation of your process.

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• Maximum Yield of Solvent Micelle Stream

from Biomass

• Maximum Separation of Fine Solids

• Compact Design

• High Performance/Price Ratio

• Dual Drive

• Mobile Options and Accessories

• Up to 3300 dry lbs/hr Capacity

• Low Energy Consumption

• Maximum Yield of End Product

Safe Operations

With many different methods of processing botanical oils and extracts, solvent based production is rising as the safest method for large scale extraction. CBDecanter Centrifuges provide a contained separation process that eliminates the worker from the manual process of inputting and removing feed from the equipment. Thus limiting the exposure of workers from ergonomic hazards as well as potential mechanical hazards and potential extensive chemical exposure associated with other separation equipment.

Maximize Your Product

CBDecanter centrifuges provides a higher level of separation of solvent hemp slurries. CBDecanter centrifuges separate low gravity solids maximizing both the clarity of your solvent extract while also creating a dryer hemp solid cake, getting the most extract out of the product with creating a dry cake that is better suited for biomass productions.

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