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Manufactured Equipment

Allied Centrifuge Technologies manufactured products are ​user friendly for both operation and maintenance. All lines of products of varies sizes and configurations to fit a range scales of processing. 

  • Decanter Centrifuges 

  • Disc Separators 

  • Shakers 

  • Contained SeaCan Systems

  • Control Panels

  • Oil & Gas

  • Mining & Minerals

  • Bio Fuel

  • Chemical Processing

  • Municipal Water & Wastewater

  • Animal By-product Rendering

  • Food & Beverage

  • Pulp & Paper

  • Site Remediation

Industries Served By Allied Centrifuge Technologies

Common Applications

  • De-watering

  • Solids Control

  • Drilling Fluids Management

  • Bitumen Processing

  • Ultra Fine Tailings Removal 

  • Waste Fluid Treatment

  • Tailings Recovery

  • Sump & Tank Cleaning

  • Hydrovac Facilities

  • Bio Fuel

  • Vegetable Oil

  • Animal By-product Rendering

  • Chemical Manufacturing

  • Cannabis Oil Extraction

  • Food & Beverage Processing

  • De-Sludging

  • Limed Fleshing

  • Lupin Protein Extraction

  • Kaolin Clay & Calcium Carbonate Processing

  • Tunneling

  • Micro Tunneling

  • Manure Processing

  • Mining

  • Maize Starch Production

  • Oil and Gas Exploration

  • Oil Refineries

  • Lubricating Oil Additives

  • Waste Oil Stream Recycling

  • Oil Sludge Treatment

  • Olive Oil Extraction

  • Paint Sludge Dewatering

  • Palm Oil Extraction

  • Algae Harvesting

  • Avocado Oil Extraction

  • Beer Production

  • Biodiesel Manufacturing

  • Bioethanol Manufacturing

  • Bentonite & Titanium Dioxide Manufacturing

  • Cassava Starch Processing

  • Casein Manufacturing

  • Cruid Processing

  • Fermentation Broths

  • Fish Processing

  • Food Residue Processing

  • Instant Coffee Production

  • Juice Manufacturing

  • Lactose Manufacturing

Connect with a Separation Expert about your specific application!

CNC & General Machining Service

With our in-house machining services, Allied has the capability to provide our clients with a full manufacturing and repair service. Allied can also create one-off or hard to find replacement parts for any make or model of centrifuge or separator. We completed all repairs or new parts to OEM specifications and checked for the highest quality parts production and repairs. 

  • Boring

  • Milling

  • Keyways

  • Drilling & Tapping

  • Grinding

  • Reaming

  • Turning

  • Welding & Fabrication

We support industrial repair needs for other equipment that supports solids and liquid separation technology. 

Safety & Communication

Safety and communication is at the core of everything we do at Allied Centrifuge Technologies. Protecting the well being of our employees, clients and communities is our number 1 priority. Having transparency and communication is key when working with clients and vendors. Allied utilizes multiple safety compliance networks to ensure that all working parties are compliant with each others regulations and communication of safety standards is met by all parties. 

5900 safety load web.jpg

The Allied Advantage

  • Servicing all makes and models of centrifuges and separators

  • High quality products and services that are affordable and sustainable for businesses and industries

  • Fit for purpose equipment tailored to specific processing requirements

  • High quality manufacturing of new equipment, replacement parts and components

  • Large stock of common brand name replacement parts and components

  • Prioritizing quality control and higher standards in safety resulting in safe reliable performance

  • Product and service packages tailored to fit specific client requirements and needs

Who We Are

Allied Centrifuge Technologies is a Canadian owned and operated company based out of Calgary Alberta. Providing processing equipment and control system sales, maintenance and repair services, both locally and internationally. We are a specialized rebuilder that services numerous makes and models of centrifuges, separators, along with other pumps and supporting processing equipment. Taking pride in supporting our customers with significant capacities and tooling to manage some of the largest big bowl decanters on the market.

How a Centrifuge Works

Separation takes place in the horizontal cylindrical bowl that is equipped with a screw conveyor inside. The feed enters inside the bowl through a feed pipe. Centrifugal force that results from the rotation of the bowl then forces the solids to the outside of the internal bowl surface. The conveyor rotating in the same direction as the bowl, but at a slower speed, moves the solids through the conical section of the bowl. The solids leave the bowl through the solids discharge ports. Separation takes place throughout the entire section of the bowl. Liquids are discharged by flowing over adjustable ports on the opposite side of the bowl from the solids discharge ports.

Rebuild & Maintenance Services

Keep your equipment running safely, efficiently and effectively with Allied Centrifuge Technologies repair and maintenance services. 

  • Rotating Assembly Rebuilds

  • Bowl Repairs

  • Scroll Repairs

  • Balancing Services

  • Gear Box Repair

  • Inspections

  • In Field or In Facility Repair Services

  • In Field Change outs 

  • 24 Hour Emergency Services

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