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Providing knowledge and support in optimizing separation technology.

Allowing businesses the means to push innovation, efficiency and sustainability. Benefiting our industries, our communities and our environment.

Who We Are

Allied Centrifuge Technologies is a Canadian owned and operated company based out of Calgary Alberta. Providing separations equipment sales, maintenance and repair services, both locally and internationally. We are a specialized rebuilder that services numerous makes and models of centrifuges and separators. Taking pride in supporting our customers with significant capacities and tooling to manage some of the largest big bowl decanters on the market.

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Industries Served By Allied Centrifuge Technologies

• Oil & Gas

• Mining and Minerals

• Bio Fuel 

• Chemical Manufacturing

• Municipal Water & Waste Water

• Animal Protein & By-Product Rendering

• Animal Waste and Manure

• Food & Beverage

• Pulp and Paper

• Site Remediation 

• Waste Water Treatment

• Waste Stream Recycling

• Hemp & Cannabis 

The Allied Advantage

• Servicing all makes and models of centrifuges and    separators

• High quality products and services that are affordable and sustainable for businesses and industries

• High quality manufacturing of new equipment, replacement parts and components

• Large stock of common brand name replacement parts and components

• Prioritizing quality control and higher standards in safety resulting in safe reliable performance

• Product and service packages tailored to fit specific client requirements and needs

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Design, Engineering & Optimization

Allied’s engineering department utilizes CAD and stress analysis software to ensure our products are of the highest quality in the industry. This allows our design team to develop new parts for older equipment to over come chronic problems found in many different applications. 

Allied works closely with our customers to develop and improve processes in their operation. Our experienced staff can come to site and assess your separation process to then provide solutions to optimize the separation equipment to ensure it is operating to its greatest performance potential

Commitment to Safety

Allied Centrifuge Technologies is committed to executing and continually evolving a health and safety program that protects the well being of our employees, our contractors, our clients, communities and our environment. The success of our operations and our products are dependent upon our values and commitments, which in turn drive our health and safety policies. Our aim is to eliminate any potential hazards, which may result in accidents or personal injury, illness or damages to property and environment . At Allied Centrifuge Technologies the active participation by everyone, every day, in every job role is necessary to uphold and elevate the integrity and quality of our health and safety program. We ensure the excellence of our policies and procedures by auditing and reviewing them on an ongoing basis. We are in constant pursuit of a safe operating environment where all risks that could potentially compromise the health and safety of employees, contractors, clients, communities and the environment are identified, understood and managed. We have incorporated national and international safety and quality systems into our own in order to evolve and develop our own standard of excellence. We are continually intergrating health, safety and environment in all business ventures and decisions.

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