Municipal and Industrial Waste Water Applications

ALLIED SDC decanter centrifuges are a new generation of equipment designed to set a significantly improved standard for both process performance and environment impact, compared with previous generations of decanters. The SDC centrifuge is the superior choice for use in tidewater operations intended to make a significant contribution to a sustainable environment. Its innovative design delivers peak performance at all times while reducing total power consumption by as much as 40%, depending on the actual flow rate. This significant reduction in power consumption results in big reductions in CO2 emissions. The cutting-edge technology built into the SDC design results in reliable operation, as well as energy savings, improved performance and greater efficiency. Power consumption becomes power reduction The SDC decanter centrifuge is the result of intense focus on performance, reliability and sustainability – all at the same time. The design significantly improves solids handling and helps maximize performance, as well as reducing the power consumption involved in achieving any required processing result. The bowl is equipped with specially developed Enertubes that harness and exploit hydraulic energy to reduce power consumption still further, while the Intellidrive control system ensures easy, reliable process optimization.


  • Simple and accurate process control – Direct measurement and monitoring of centrifuge control parameters and management of the hydraulic scroll drive to continuously, easily and effectively fine-tune torque as well as scroll and bowl speed. Worldwide monitoring is also available.
  • Higher throughput – A combination of beach design, higher hydraulic pressure and torque producing throughput that is generally higher than found on other systems.
  • Efficient, high-torque drive – Hydraulic scroll drive for higher torque at lower energy consumption than the traditional gearbox
  • Superior design and construction – Centrifugally cast duplex stainless steel bowl components for higher strength and corrosion resistance
  • Enertubes- This new design reduces the loss of kinetic energy when the liquid leaves the bowl. This reduces power consumption by as much as 20%. It also makes a big difference to the energy-related environmental impact of your separation activities.