The G Series Centrifuge

The G series is the next step to efficient solids control and designed specifically to handle high capacity volume separation required in the oil & gas industries. The G-series is guaranteed to work flawlessly on the removal of drill solids, barite recovery, system de-weighting and ultra-fine removal. 

Optimizing the drilling process

The G Series decanter centrifuge is a key component in a top-quality solids control process.  The G-series efficiently removes the fine particles that traditional solids control equipment are incapable of separating.  Built for heavy duty jobs, the G series decanter handles large amounts of feed solids, including extremely abrasive and coarse oilfield slurry.  The G-series fluids decanter centrifuge is available in a wide range of modules and setups suited for every decanter job on a drilling rig.  These range from fully automated VFD controlled modules to simple fixed drive setups, providing effective separation solutions for any solids control process.

G Series Variations


Fitted with VFD controlled motors on the bowl as well as the conveyor, this configuration will give you the best optimization for machine performance, especially when controlled by ALLIED Intellidrive control system.


Fitted with a VFD controlled motor on the bowl but the Conveyor is driven directly by a resettable torque out assembly fitted to the gearbox pinion shaft.


The main bowl motor is fitted with a fluid coupling or soft start, and step sheaves are implicated to achieve two speed ranges. The conveyor is driven directly by a re-settable torque out assembly fitted to the gearbox driven by a back drive motor.