Our food processing centrifuges are specially designed and manufactured to meet the challenging and changing landscape of the food processing industry. Whether your companies operations are animal by-products or you are hopped up in brewing, Allied has engineered solutions specifically for the food processing industry.

XC Centrifuge

Allied's XC line of centrifuges are custom suited specifically for the configuration of zero vapor loss and manufactured in pressure tight format for volatile processing. Constructed of 2205 Duplex stainless steel with painted carbon steel base, the XC conveyors are protected with tungsten carbide to create an extremely durable surface, reducing long term wear over the longevity of the machine's operating life.

Proven low maintenance + low energy consumption = LOW COST & OPTIMIZED EFFICIENCY

The XC line reduces energy consumption vs. traditional centrifuge machines due to the reduced horsepower requirements of the Rotodiff torque production. Every SDC Line is equipped with Allied INTELLIDRIVE control system, creating a superior system, that is easy to operate and maintain.