Designing new Standards in Service

Centrifuge repair services

Any model, any design, any industry. Whether its waste water, food processing, pharmaceutical and oil & gas. AMC is committed to providing a redefined level of service as a trusted partner in centrifuge design and quality service performance.

industry leading diagnostic tools & reporting analysis

Combine our in-depth industrial knowledge and an unrivaled service commitment with leading edge diagnostic tools and boundless report analysis experience make Allied Centrifuge an worthy partner and quality investment in a company's operations. 

centrifuge product line

Allied Centrifuge has a produce that can meet the high demand of any applications in a variety of industries. Allied Centrifuge delivers exceptional build quality, backed by industry leading customer service. Its time your experience the Allied Centrifuge series.  

AMC Cross-over Commitment & Support

Whether its centrifuge production, balancing & bearing changes to roller repair, hydraulic cylinder and gearboxes reconstruction. AMC provides its partners with quality servicing and repair through in-house division crossover support. Machinist, millwrights and certified technicians work in collaboration to efficiently repair centrifuge equipment or reconstruct damaged and worn-out parts.